Our Company Project

We’re a project, we’re hope, we’re a team. We’re the result of a job well done with 30 years of history. Discover alongside us the revolutionary and experimental concept of the Leader products.

An excellent choice for those interested in design, design concept, functionality and appropriate style for any kind of environment.

The Leader brand is aimed at supplying all your hospitality and contract needs, is all about decoration and interior design, is everything to make you feel at home.

A company is an entity whose purpose is the pursuing of commercial activities for a profit, to satisfy the needs and wants of its customers and during this process a company secures its commercial continuity as well as the need to make investments that allows for growth.
A company is an entity that allows the internationalization of its modes of production; on one side it allows for resources to come together and on the other it allows division of labor which provides specialized capabilities.

A company’s economic and social objectives

- External economic objective is the production of goods and services to satisfy societal needs.

- Internal economic objective is the gain of an added value to reward the company’s stakeholders. Some in the form of shares and dividends and others in the form of paid salaries. This objective includes investment opportunities for investors and employment opportunities for the work foce, both of which have been the topic of numerous debates as to whether or not one is more important than the other. Both are fundamental, they are intrinsically connected and both objectives are to be simultaneously achieved. Companies are there to serve the public and the workforce within them.

- External social objective, is that which contributes to societal development. A company’s economic performance not only strengthens societal and personal values but also promotes them.

- Internal social objective, is to contribute, at the core of the company, to the full development of its stakeholders doing its most not to infringe in the fundamental human values, but to promote it.

This is how we started

TM Sillerias was established in 1980 by its founder Juan Marco Hernandez, who at the time produced turned legs for tables and chairs. As a result, his first catalog was developed, called “Chairs and Tables for Kitchen and Catering.” Its distribution was done through commercial agents and it expanded by serving the products to kitchen stores, furniture shops and wholesalers.

Design, resistance and durability are the philosophies that define TM’s products.

The desire to improve is translated to a wide range of products that year after year are expanded as a direct result of the demanding trends of the industry we serve.

The market has positioned us as one of the leading companies in the contract sector. This resulted in the launch of our in-house brand called Leader, which is a registered brand in the European Community.

In 2010 the LEADER TEAM was created.

The catalog that was developed under the LEADER CONTRACT brand carries a wide range of products from chairs, tables, stools, upholstered sofas, among others.

Our Team

We are a company that has been in the business of seating furniture for 30 years. We are a family business that throughout the years developed many different products, this path has helped us become one of the leading seating furniture companies in the hospitality, geriatrics and health sector.

Our team is formed by passionate professionals from the furniture and upholstery sector. We are a company with great human value that is consolidated thanks to our integrity, responsibility and proven experience in the 30 years we’ve been in the seating business.

Our CSR commitment

We have always worked taking into account everyone’s benefit.
Eco direction, Eco management and Eco production are embedded in our identity. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are taken into account in everything we do, from our management and production plans to raising awareness among our team members, vendors and clients about the importance of the good care of our environment and a high degree of involvement.