To settle the chairs for dining room you can choose among two options, combine them alongside the already chosen table, or create a harmonic effect with contrast alongside other models. With this first matter clear, there are other details that must be considered in order to choose a certain design. For starters, it is necessary to take

Furniture trends for 2015

It has been several years in which the ecological style says present in the interior design and furniture trends, and 2015 is no exception. The ecological style is characterized for making furniture in natural materials such as wood in its different varieties and stone, with the minimum treatment possible and in its original colors. Also,
With each new year, the trends incorporate new ideas to decorate our spaces and new proposals for our furniture, developing different styles, with different materials and colors. For 2015, the style known as masculine will become trend when it comes to decorating spaces such as a hotel reception, a lounge, or recreational space, keeping the

TIC Check

The company has improved its business competitiveness through the implantation of New Communication and Information Technologies in electronical commerce,  a project cofinanced with FEDER Funds through the initiative TIC Check, all of that, through the implantation of new functionalities and adaptation of the website through the optimization of Social Media, through the presence of custom
mobiliario restaurante local

The latest for your local

With a new image for your local you are providing the company with a new corporate image. These are touches or strokes that must be reinforced in order not to die from boredom towards the customer. Fusing the furniture with the paint, the mirrors, the tables and chairs, the lamps… among other complements, you should

New Restaurant

¿What style do you want your dream to have? ¿What confort do you want to give to your ilusions? Many are the questions we make to ourselves when we are about to begin a new adventure like this one. Starting a new restaurant is not an easy task. It takes our sleep thinking about the

Tapas Bar Decoration

The differences between a restaurant and a tapas bar, can simply lie in the decoration and the furniture besides the type of dishes that are usual in these bars. Today we are very demanding with everything as customers we are, and we choose very carefully where we go. A good environment, some good music, a