Sometimes we face a complete refurbishment in our shop or a furniture renewing. These tasks can be more and more complicated until becoming in difficult problems. One of the more complicated issues is the accurate furniture election for every space, either for a restaurant, pub, hotel. Thus, should remember furniture is the key element for

Summer decoration in your home

How decorate your home in summer? With summer 2016 arrival and with it also the desire to go out, dress with fresh and light clothes. Introducing happy colours in our day to day, this is also reflected in our home, where step by step we begin to see a general change, crave more, to open

Invest and refurbish

Now is the time to Invest and refurbish giving a change to your business, either in a complete renew or with a furniture change, it will depend on what customer wish, the needs of each one and the budget to accomplish it. Maybe our business had a renewal done some years ago, but for some reasons

InteriHotel Pop Up Majorca 2016

We are exhibiting at InteriHotel Pop Up Majorca this year!! InteriHotel Pop Up Majorca will take place in May 25th and 26th, this exhibition involves a limited amount of contract exhibitors, concretely in hospitality sector. This event pretends to show a small part of what could further be seen at InteriHotel Barcelona during its yearly
In this new post we will talk about the vintage decor in the TM Sillerias new models 2016 . DISCOVER THEM!!   As it was expected with the new year, we introduce new models of chairs, armchairs, sofá-beds, stools with a vintage decor look…For all tastes, need and budgets. this collection will be ready next

Bar stools

Bar stools are ideal seats to create the ambiance for your local establishment, whether it is a bar or a restaurant with a bar on the waiting area. The height and design of these stools make them very practical, and also many present awesome and modern styles that create a cozy sensation in the client.
In many hospitality establishments you can appreciate once more the use of furniture in the vintage, retro and industrial styles. Most restaurants and hotels are looking for warmer and cozier ambiances through the vintage trends. Among this trend patterns, there is the aged finish, which allows us to create unique high valued pieces. The aged

Bar design

It is said that Spain is one of the countries with the highest concentration of bar per habitant, having a bar for every 176 habitants. Opening a bar doesn’t have to be a problem, the challenge is differentiating it. In the hospitality industry, design is highly important since the business profitability per square meter is

Tendencies for exteriors in 2015

International fairs and tradeshows have been able to show the new trends in exterior design and decoration for the 2015 season, where the one with the biggest boost has been the retro style. This style seems old, evoking the antique, but is characterized for being reinterpreted with a new design. It is not simply copying,